Telehealth Basics

CTRC Telehealth Program Developer Kit

The California Telehealth Resource Center (CTRC), a resource center specializing in telemedicine and telehealth program development, responds to hundreds of assistance requests from around the globe. We often hear from organizations interested in starting telehealth programs who think telehealth sounds valuable but need to know what steps to take to get a telehealth program started.

The CTRC Program Developer was designed to answer that need. The genesis of this is kit is the implementation methodology developed for the University of California schools and hospitals, as well as the safety net clinic referring partners throughout the state. It was necessary to implement a standardized program across the state. Using project management fundamentals, a replicable standardized approach was developed to assure consistency of operation and streamlined implementation. This process, now called the CTRC Program Developer, provides a simple step by step approach to telehealth development and implementation.

This approach has been adapted and expanded for use in all types of services settings and applies to both small and large facilities. It provides a roadmap to traveling the road from initial program interest to program implementation and operation. It also incorporates telehealth best practices and resource materials to offer a process customized to the telehealth environment.

The goal of the Program Developer is to allow new programs to learn from the experience of others, to reduce trial and error, and most of all to create successfully operating telemedicine programs. It can easily be adapted and customized to the size and formality of your program.

The Program Developer is a living document that will continue to incorporate new best practices and lessons learned. Materials for the kit are available in print format and online at the CTRC website. We welcome your feedback on using the Program Developer in your program.