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Telehealth Basics

Using telehealth as a service can be overwhelming without the right resources. Our Telehealth Resource Centers have gathered resources on how to get started, what best practices you should follow, what’s required from a technology standpoint, as well as operating procedures and financial planning.

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Health care professionals working remotely

Technology & Broadband

Telehealth makes healthcare accessible for people in all areas, but there are key aspects to being able to use it: broadband and other technology. Our Telehealth Resource Centers understand the necessity for fast, easy Internet access in addition to the hardware necessary to utilize telehealth services.

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Broadband plays a role in telehealth

FQHC Telehealth Resources

Our Telehealth Resource Centers have gathered resources specific to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). Example resources include a webinar on Telehealth Essentials for FQHCs and a series of videos designed to provide content for FQHCs and Rural Health Clinics to assist with their telehealth implementation.

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