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How Was Your First Telemedicine Visit?

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic back in March a significant number of people have had their very first telemedicine visit. Surprisingly, even though I’ve been involved in telehealth for over 30 years, I actually fall into that group of “newbies”. I am very fortunate (knock on wood)…

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HHS invests $8M in telehealth broadband pilot

“HHS has awarded $8 million to fund the Telehealth Broadband Pilot program, which assesses the broadband capacity of rural healthcare providers and patient communities to improve their telehealth access, HHS announced today.”… Read More


What to know before you Zoom your doctor

Americans are using virtual urgent cares and other telehealth options like never before, with some providers seeing record numbers in recent months as patients seek to avoid in-person appointments. However, before you go… Read More


Telehealth “best tool” in toolbox for FQHCs

For an island health provider in Maine, telehealth addresses gaps in care as patients struggle to prioritize doctor’s visits amid insurance availability, home life and other issues. As a greater emphasis is… Read More