ATA & NCTRC partnership

Our partnership with the National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers brings an important dimension to our mission, and we are pleased to offer a robust platform to amplify and support the TRCs’ critical work implementing telehealth programs in rural and underserved communities.  

From Telehealth Awareness Week to regional TRC events around the country, together we are creating opportunities to advance telehealth education and expand access to needed virtual care services. Experts from the TRCs are actively involved in our Special Interest Groups (SIGs), adding valuable perspective, expertise and real-world insights to a variety of projects and publications. And we are thrilled to feature the TRCs at our Nexus annual conference, fostering broad collaborations with our members and industry stakeholders, and adding their voice to pivotal discussions. 

We applaud HHS and HRSA for their foresight and commitment to building sustainable telehealth programs and improving health outcomes for rural and underserved communities through the work of the TRCs. The ATA is privileged to partner with the consortium, and we look forward to expanding our work together. 

Ann Mond Johnson, CEO, the ATA