Reflecting on The Golden State of Telehealth: What’s Next for California

The California Telehealth Resource Center (CTRC) understands the larger health care delivery system and works closely with community organizations, corporate and industry leaders, and policymakers to develop an environment that will support the continued expansion and optimization of telemedicine and telehealth. We facilitate conversation, encourage learning, engage with communities, share powerful stories, and partner with like-minded organizations to explore meaningful new approaches. We give California providers access to evidence-based practices and leading-edge solutions—so they can grow and innovate with confidence as the industry evolves.

One of our most popular opportunities for telehealth education and industry networking is the annual CTRC Telehealth Summit. Since its inception in 2012, this highly anticipated and widely endorsed event has evolved into the premier telehealth industry conference in California, offering attendees a chance to:

  • Obtain the latest industry insights and best practices from leading experts
  • Connect with peers in similar roles with varied years of telehealth experience
  • Engage in peer-to-peer learning through facilitated group discussions
  • Learn proven telehealth program strategies and optimal delivery methods
  • See how other health centers have developed successful and sustainable virtual care programs
  • Explore new solutions and technology advancements with event sponsors