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State Telehealth Laws & Reimbursement Policies

Telehealth policy trends continue to vary from state-to-state, with no two states alike in how telehealth is defined, reimbursed or regulated.

A general definition of telehealth used by CCHP is the use of electronic technology to provide healthcare and services to a patient when the provider is in a different location.

All 50 states and D.C. now reimburse for some type of live video telehealth services in Medicaid. Reimbursement for store-and-forward and remote patient monitoring (RPM) continues to lag behind. Eighteen state Medicaid programs reimburse for store-and-forward and twenty-one states reimburse for remote patient monitoring (RPM), with additional states having laws requiring Medicaid reimbursement for store-and-forward or RPM, yet no official written policies indicating that such policy has been implemented.

Download the fact sheet for more information on reimbursement policies.