Success Stories

University of Southern Alabama Center for Strategic Health Innovation

Multiple Telehealth Resource Centers (South Central, TexLa, Southeastern, and Heartland) hosted an Innovation Summit in New Orleans, LA in December 2018. Since then, a long-standing relationship developed between the University of Southern Alabama Center for Strategic Health Innovation (USA/CSHI) and the South Central Telehealth Resource Center (SCTRC).

Months later, a representative from the USA/CSHI reached out to the SCTRC looking for guidance in establishing a high-risk obstetrics (HROB) telehealth program. USA/CSHI were in the process of applying for a HROB telehealth grant and were aware that the SCTRC was housed at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) Institute for Digital Health & Innovation (IDHI).

They were also aware of the longstanding and successful HROB telehealth program at UAMS (formerly known as ANGELS). SCTRC provided resources, offered guidance, facilitated relationship building, and eventually scheduled a site visit for several representatives from USA/CSHI to view in person the HROB telehealth program in action as well as the full spectrum of telehealth services offered through the IDHI.

In the meantime, because of the positive rapport and continued support, when another telehealth grant opportunity arose (The Primary Care Champions Grant) a few months later, USA/CSHI once again reached out to SCTRC. This new grant was for the establishment of several telehealth sites for the purpose of physician education and they asked for our assistance in writing the grant.

Thankfully, USA/CSHI were awarded the funding and SCTRC, USA/CSHI, and UAMS frequently corresponded over the next several months. UAMS officially became collaborators on the implementation of the telehealth education program, and to date, USA/CSHI continues to correspond with SCTRC with telehealth inquiries as well as successes and updates regarding their telehealth efforts.