Success Stories


Washington State Coalition for Language Access (WASCLA)

NRTRC and WASCLA partnered to host a webinar on Feb. 11, to introduce the topics of telehealth and language access services. During the webinar, panelists explained how communication challenges were met, what some of the ongoing issues are, and the benefits of telehealth that merit being made permanent. In addition, first-hand reports were shared from hospital systems in Yakima, Southwest Washington, and metro Seattle, as well as examples from an early childhood development program and communication services for deaf and hard-of-hearing clients. 

The NRTRC played an important role in helping WASCLA facilitate the webinar and outline the agenda. With more than 70 participants from across the country, this webinar put the challenges and opportunities of language access to the forefront of people’s minds. Both the NRTRC and WASCLA recognize that building connections between community-based organizations and the telehealth sector is vital to achieve health equity goals. 

WASCLA is an education and advocacy organization that works to eliminate language barriers to essential services in Washington and nationally, with health and health care as a major focus. Soon after the pandemic struck, WASCLA began hearing about serious problems for residents with limited English proficiency and for deaf and hard-of-hearing people related to to the COVID-19 response. The NRTRC, WASCLA and the National Technology Telehealth Assessment Center will hold a webinar on language assistance services and telehealth platforms. March 16, 2021. For more information, see the WASCLA website at