non-Federal Telehealth Funding Opportunities

Following are funding opportunities with cyclical deadlines:

  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Pioneering Ideas: Exploring the Future to Build a Culture of Health: This funding opportunity seeks proposals primed to impact health equity moving forward. We are interested in ideas that address any of these four areas of focus: Future of Evidence; Future of Social Interaction; Future of Food; Future of Work. Additionally, we welcome ideas that might fall outside of these four focus areas, but which offer unique approaches to advancing health equity and our progress toward a Culture of Health. Proposals will be accepted throughout the year on a rolling admission. Click Here for More Information.
  • Kent Richard Hofmann Foundation Grants:  Funding is to support developing or established programs, with emphasis on direct benefit to clients or target audiences in the fight against HIV and AIDS.  Funding can be used in support of 1) Care and direct services; 2) Education and/or 3) Research.  The Foundation makes grant funds available semi-annually, with cycles in the spring and fall.  Click Here for More Information.
  • The Bob Woodruff Foundation Grants:  Funding is to support innovative programs across the nation that produce measurable outcomes that best meet the emerging and long-term needs of today’s veterans and their families..  The Foundation makes grant funds available semi-annually, with cycles in the spring and fall.   Click Here for More Information.
  • Rural Maryland Council Prosperity Investment Fund.  The Rural Maryland Prosperity Investment Fund (RMPIF) supports the Rural Maryland Council’s operations and activities, and it also supports the states’ five Regional Councils, rural entrepreneurship development rural health care organizations, and regional infrastructure projects. A match is required for RMPIF Funding and is set at 25% match for entrepreneurship, 50% match for health care, and 75% match for infrastructure.  Applicants must submit a Letter of Intent and be invited to move forward to submit an application.  Click Here for More Information.
  • Virginia Health Care Foundation Health Access Grants:  Funding is to help uninsured Virginians receive medical, dental, and/or mental health care either through a new approach or by replicating one of VHCF’s Models That Made It..  Funding focuses on projects that address one or more of these priorities:  1) Developing or expanding patient capacity; 2) Establishing a broader scope of services; 3) Accelerating licensure of behavioral health professionals, 4) Creating local coordinated systems of care and 5) Conquering the consequences of COVID-19.  The Foundation has two formal grant cycles each year, beginning in the winter and the summer.  Click Here for More Information.
  • William Randolph Hearst Foundation – The Hearst Foundations assist leading regional hospitals, medical centers and specialized medical institutions providing access to healthcare for high-need populations. In response to the shortage of healthcare professionals necessary to meet the country’s evolving healthcare demands, the Foundations also fund programs designed to enhance skills and increase the number of practitioners and educators across roles in healthcare. The Foundations also support medical research and the development of young investigators to help create a broad and enduring impact on the nation’s health. The board meets to approve grants in March, June, September and December. The average time from proposal submission to grant award is six months. Click here for more information.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Foundation for Community and Health Advancement Charitable Events – Through its corporate giving program, BCBSAZ funds a select number of event sponsorships each year to strengthen and support organizations whose programs benefit the community and help create a healthier Arizona. Event sponsorships should be submitted 60 days before the event date. Opens January 2nd and closes December 1st. Click here for more information. Click here for more information.
  • Cox Charities: Connecting through CHARITABLE GIVING – Program Purpose: This is a special opportunity to receive funding for programs that support one or more of Cox Charities’ three philanthropic cornerstones: Education (with a priority on K-12 and STEAM), Diversity (with a priority on programs serving 80% of more of a target population or serve an inclusion, diversity, and equity initiative), and Environment/Sustainability programs (with a priority on water conservation, waste, or carbon reduction). Recommended Applicant: Nonprofit organizations in Arizona that fit the eligibility criteria. Click here for more information.
  • The Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona (LFSAZ)  – a private foundation that grants funds to nonprofit organizations promoting population health and community wellness in Cochise and eastern Santa Cruz counties. Please read the instructions on the linked website before beginning an application. Click here for more information.
  • The Bank of America Charitable Foundation – works to advance pathways to economic mobility in order to build thriving communities. The Foundation provides grants to nonprofit organizations that serve specific states and regions in the United States. In 2024, the Bank of America Charitable Foundation will issue two requests for proposals (RFPs): 1) Economic Mobility focused on needs of individuals and families (workforce development & education and basic needs) Applications accepted 1/22/2024 – 2/16/2024. 2) Economic Mobility focused on needs of community (affordable housing, small business, neighborhood revitalization) Applications accepted:  5/27/2024 – 6/21/2024. Click here for more information.

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