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Billing for Telehealth Encounters: An Introductory Guide on Medicare Fee-for-Service

The Center for Connected Health Policy’s (CCHP) updated billing guide for 2023, Billing for Telehealth Encounters: An Introductory Guide on Medicare Fee-For-Service is now available!!

CCHP has released a new updated telehealth billing guide as a follow up to its 2021 & 2022 billing guides.  These resources are intended to provide a helpful tool for healthcare entities trying to navigate the complexities of billing for telehealth and virtually delivered services.

The Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP) is providing this informational billing guide to assist those who have questions regarding telehealth billing in general and specifically, post-PHE. The guide is primarily about Medicare fee-for-service billing as policies vary from state-to-state for Medicaid and commercial payers. It is not meant to be a guarantee of reimbursement for services rendered via telehealth, but to act as a guide to clarify certain policies related to:

  • telehealth billing and reimbursement
  • requirements applicable during 2023 (in the post-PHE environment)
  • permanent telehealth billing requirements past the temporary grace period post-PHE

The guide will outline the policies in place for 2023, as well as permanent Medicare policy as we currently know it. Keep in mind, policy can change rapidly and frequently.