FQHC Telehealth Resources

Program Developer Toolkit

The California Telehealth Resource Center (CTRC) specializes in telehealth program development. Our well-connected team of experts responds to hundreds of yearly assistance requests—from across the state, and around the world. Those who contact us represent a variety of organizations interested in starting a telehealth (sometimes called “telemedicine”) program. They recognize that telehealth is valuable, but they need insight and support to get their initiative underway.

This CTRC Program Developer Toolkit is designed to address those needs. It’s based upon the implementation methodology developed for University of California schools and hospitals, as well as statewide safety net clinic referring programs. This standardized approach was created to ensure organizational consistency, using established project management fundamentals. The process, reflected in these pages, provides a clear step-by-step approach that culminates in telehealth program implementation.

This approach has been adapted and expanded for use in all types of service settings, and applies to both small and large facilities. It acts as a roadmap that incorporates promising practices and resource materials. It can also be customized to suit your own unique telehealth environment.

The Program Developer Toolkit is intended to help new programs obtain proven insights from established programs. This reduces trial-and-error, eliminates unproductive backtracking, helps control expenses, and ultimately maximizes success.

As a document, the Program Developer Toolkit is constantly evolving. Future iterations will continue to incorporate the latest promising practices and industry lessons learned. Toolkit materials are available in print format or online, at www.caltrc.org. We welcome, encourage, and value your feedback!