FQHC Telehealth Resources

Telehealth Taxonomy for FQHC Data Capture

This guidance document for FQHCs was developed by a Project Team* that included representation by TRCs, NACHC, PCAs and HCCNs.  These are what the Project Team considers the “minimum data set” that each individual FQHC should be able to capture with confidence within their data systems.  These core data elements were selected within the context of:

  • potential for impact on quality metrics and reporting as well as 
  • potential for impact on FQHC telehealth reimbursement policies.  

Our desire is for individual FQHCs and the EMR vendors who work with FQHCs to ensure that these data fields are integrated into data systems so that we have a standardized set of telehealth data that can be reported by all FQHCs.