Artificial Intelligence: It’s Everywhere, It Seems, But How Can We Use It With Telehealth To Address Health Workforce Challenges? And Should We?

Host/Moderator: Kathy H. Wibberly, PhD, Director, Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center


Mark McDonald, MD, MS, CEO, Syntrillo

Peter M. Caplan, Managing Consultant, eHealth Systems & Solutions Mike Maffei, Co-Founder and President

Brandon Maffei, VP of Client Services, AlediumHR

Description: The world of AI in healthcare is filled with promise and potential, but it’s not without its complexities and considerations. Join us for an enlightening webinar that will explore the nuanced landscape of AI and its role in addressing crucial health workforce challenges. At a very high level, we will look at the possibilities, pitfalls, and ethical and practical considerations of using AI in recruiting clinical talent. We will then navigate the intricate landscape of AI applications within the healthcare industry, scrutinizing both current implementations and emerging technologies. Our focus will be keenly fixed on evaluating their potential impact on workforce shortages and operational efficiencies.