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Integrated Patient Portals and Improving the Virtual Experience

Patient portals offer secure and convenient connection between the patients and their healthcare providers. Studies have shown that portals increase patient engagement in their health, identifying unmet clinical needs, and reducing downstream health events. They also help in timely access for patients to their healthcare data such as test results and visit schedules, which improves communications between patients and providers. With the rise of video visits and the adoption of digital tools during the pandemic, there is an opportunity to re-focus on how to best use them. The webinar will discuss how health centers can leverage integrated patient portals for improving the virtual care experience.

Hosted by: California Telehealth Resource Center

Presented by:

Rob Kaye – Technical Program Manager for Digital Patient Engagement, OCHIN Inc.

Tyra Brown – Improvement Advisor, OCHIN Inc.

Allison Pierce – User-Centered Design Specialist, OCHIN Inc.