NCTRC Telehealth Hack – Behavioral Health Services & Early Intervention

Due to COVID-19, many early intervention and infant mental health therapists have been thrust into tele-behavioral health practice with our infant/child and family clients. Many early intervention specialists are feeling overwhelmed as there was never a process for tele-behavioral health supports in the past. This training will support early intervention and infant mental health therapists with gaining new skills and tools to support their early intervention work within the virtual therapy space.

Learning Objectives-

-Participants will learn how to plan and troubleshoot common barriers to telehealth programming with early intervention services;

-Participants will learn new skills and activities to engage children and families in the telehealth work;

-Participants will review activities that support attunement, co-regulation, and mindfulness in a virtual session

Hosted by: National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers

Presented by:

• Susan Elswick, LCSW, PRT-S, University of Memphis