NCTRC Telehealth Hack – Rehabilitation Services & Early Intervention

The COVID-19 pandemic created a significant barrier for patients needing rehabilitative services. A rapid pivot by healthcare providers and payers to telehealth allowed patients to receive the treatment that they needed through the ongoing pandemic, and now telehealth is here to stay. This presentation will cover patient, clinician, and operational experiences with therapies delivered via telehealth, tips and best practices for successfully integrating telehealth into your service line, and strategies for successful reimbursement.


-Case study to show the value and impact of moving telehealth to your business model

-Understand how the COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted therapies and allowed patients access to rehab services remotely

-Successful reimbursement for telehealth therapies

-Successfully integrate virtual services into therapy workflows

-The patient and provider experience of therapies via telehealth services